Many of our clients are sitting on a cache of valuable content that hasn’t reached its full SEO potential. Often these sites contain hundreds to thousands of old posts that could be refreshed and upcycled into relevant, Google useful content.

But which posts are the right posts to revisit and optimize?

An individualized CATICE study will take the guesswork out of content optimization and offer a detailed plan that will make the greatest SEO impact for your site.

How can a CATICE study help you?

At Smart Simple Content, we offer support and services that will help your business climb the
proverbial search engine ladder.

Expert Analyst Consulting

Every CATICE study pairs you with a content analyst that specializes in website data SEO. The analyst will take the time to introduce you to all aspects of how the CATICE process works and answer any questions or concerns. When the full website study is complete, the analyst will discuss the results of the study with you and give you best practice suggestions for how to make the most of the CATICE data.

Content Audits and Updates

After your CATICE analysis, you can choose to have our team of writers, editors, and keyword optimization specialists go to work for you. Based on your individualized optimization plan, our team can update and audit your content on a timeline that works best for your business.

CATICE Traffic Analysis

CATICE uses your own website data plus other data generators such as Google Analytics give you a clear picture of not only where your traffic is coming from, but the types of sessions and attention your content is receiving or not receiving.

CATICE Content Evaluation

Each CATICE study configures a set of data points that scores your content. This information allows you to see which posts meet the highest standards of the website and which ones could use some updates.

CATICE Keyword Research and SEO

Anyone who has been in the blogging business for long knows that SEO and keyword research is fundamental for driving traffic. And we all know it is a time consuming process. Using real-time data engines, CATICE will study each of your posts for you and pull data that will allow you to make the best informed decisions for keyword and SEO optimization.

CATICE Strategic Planning

An effective content study will not benefit you without an effective plan in place. CATICE offers a data driven plan that will show you which content is the easiest, and most effective to update first, second, and so on. This data takes out the guesswork and tedious nature of combing through old content, and gives your business a comprehensive plan to confidently move forward.

Extra?? What does CATICE stand for?

(you know…everything must be a catchy acronym right?!?)



Tool for




The fact is, CATICE is a really easy to use tool that helps you plan your content curation efforts.  It’s that simple!

CATICE Customized Services

Still have questions or need individualized website attention? Your CATICE analyst can help you configure a plan that is individualized to your website to help you achieve your priorities and goals.

Read What CATICE Users are Saying

“I’ve kept my CATICE document open on my desktop since the day I received it! The information is so valuable for my day-to-day work and planning. It has helped me to make accurate decisions on what to do with each post, whether it needs to be updated, promoted, no-indexed, etc. All the data I need is in one place instead of having to open multiple sites and apps which saves me time.

“I’ve been pretty lost with figuring out exactly what to do with all the content on my blog.  Paralysis by analysis describes the last couple years of my blog that has continued to grow.  The CATICE dashboard really helped me to get focused, figure out what priorities I should work on, and start taking back control.”

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