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Smart Simple Content.

Researched writing for optimal growth.

In the online market, the old business adage, ‘location, location, location,’ translates into careful and deliberate search engine optimization (SEO).

We Get It.

At Smart Simple Content, we understand that running a business can be stressful, and that growing a business can feel overwhelming. 

Don’t Stress. We’ve Got The Rest.

Knowing how to be seen and how to drive visitors to your site requires constant attention and expertise. That consistency takes energy and time you may not always have.

How can a CATICE study help you?

At Smart Simple Content, we offer support and services that will help your business climb the
proverbial search engine ladder.

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Our SEO Creation Services

At Smart Simple Content, we employ our experts to handle the day-to-day tasks of keeping you relevant and trending online, freeing up time in your busy schedule to focus on the critical drivers of your business.

We will handle the ins and outs of:

Performing on-page SEO
Auditing existing content
Conducting keyword research
Organizing strategic content planning
Analyzing and tracking SERP position
Writing effective, research-based SEO content

When Smart Simple Content joins your team, we put our trained professionals on the task of growing your business.

They’re your stories, let us put them into words that will drive organic traffic to your site.

Vital doesn’t have to equal stressful!

When you have Smart Simple Content on your team, we take the guesswork and gimmicks out of creating optimized content. 

We understand SEO is the most effective way to generate organic traffic to your site and that your business will grow its online presence by increasing its search engine rankings.

With our researched-based SEO strategies and content, your business can do just that. 

Even better, when we handle all the technical work, research, content creation, and analytics, you’ll be free to get back to the part of your business that you enjoy the most: growing your business! 

After all, good food should speak to your soul. …But first, the cook needs to read the instructions, and to do that, Google needs to know about it!

Let Us Help You

Commited to Quality

We are dedicated to complete client satisfaction. Our business is built on word of mouth marketing from customers who love what we do. If at any time you are unsatisfied with our work, we will do everything in our power to make things right.

Client Testimonials

Knowledgeable, reliable, dedicated, professional, these terms come to mind when I think of Bec and the services of SEO oriented copywriting and strategy content planning she consistently delivers with integrity. Perfectionist almost to a fault, she cares about the quality of her work and in delivering the best for her clients.

Kevin O’Leary

Creator of Kevin Is Cooking and Silk Road Recipes.    

Bec has been such a huge support for me and my business. Her knowledge of SEO is impressive and her work on my site led to significant organic traffic improvements. I highly recommend Smart Simple Content to anyone looking to improve SEO.

Wendy O'Neal

Around My Family Table

Working with Becca has been a dream come true! Not only is she a dedicated worker, but she also believes in my business, which makes me want to reach for even bigger goals! She is organized, highly educated in many areas (SEO and content strategy to name a few), and is a great communicator. She is a valuable asset to my business, and for that, I am thankful!

Lindsay Cotter

CEO Cotter Crunch LLC

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