Client Testimonials

Kevin O’Leary, Creator of Kevin Is Cooking and Silk Road Recipes.

“Knowledgeable, reliable, dedicated, professional, these terms come to mind when I think of Bec and the services of SEO oriented copywriting and strategy content planning she consistently delivers with integrity. Perfectionist almost to a fault, she cares about the quality of her work and in delivering the best for her clients.”

Wendy O’Neal, Around My Family Table.

“Bec has been such a huge support for me and my business. Her knowledge of SEO is impressive and her work on my site led to significant organic traffic improvements. I highly recommend Smart Simple Content to anyone looking to improve SEO.”

Lindsay Cotter, CEO Of Cotter Crunch LLC

“Working with Becca has been a dream come true! Not only is she a dedicated worker, but she also believes in my business, which makes me want to reach for even bigger goals! She is organized, highly educated in many areas (SEO and content strategy to name a few), and is a great communicator. She is a valuable asset to my business, and for that, I am thankful!”